Be The Best In
Online Schooling

From The Big Picture To The Details That Matter

Be The Best In Online Schooling

From The Big Picture To The Details That Matter

Schoolmojo is a Virtual Schooling Enabler, that helps proactive schools become 3X more effective in 30 days without needing teachers to be tech-savvy! K-12 schools & Coaching centers in India can now rise to the occasion to deliver a premium ‘Blended Learning’ experience by providing all tools, content & assistance on a single platform.


Why Schoolmojo?

Unique 9 Step Flip-Teaching Method

Premium, hassle-free experience

Most affordable, straightforward pricing

Teaching Made Easy

Our experts offer sessions everyday on all things Schoolmojo

For A Consistent Schooling Experience

Features to wow all stakeholders – Students , Parents, Teachers & School Leaders


24×7 Instant Live Video Access


Create Your Own Video Content Anytime


Simultaneously Teach In-Class & Home


Make Students Active Participants


Pause or Replay Any Lecture Until Learnt


Anytime Anywhere Learning Access


Extraordinary Content to Build Concepts


Premium Videos Made Affordable


Control Student Access to Content


Private, Secure & Powerful Messaging


Conduct Objective-type Tests remotely


World-class System for Parent Feedback

Stakeholders’ Benefits

How can Schoolmojo help me?


  • Standardized Delivery
  • Happier teachers
  • Increased parent satisfaction
  • Student appreciation
  • Enhance reputation


  • Higher confidence
  • Teach from Home
  • Save time
  • Greater Control
  • Reduced stress


  • Stay updated
  • Feel relaxed
  • Kids safe at home
  • Support meaningfully
  • Satisfied with school


  • Self-paced learning
  • Concepts consolidated
  • Active participation
  • Build Confidence
  • Abandon tuitions
  • We follow a “Teachers First” policy in everything that we design. We believe that’s the surest way to achieve our dream to ‘make schools great again’!


  • Properly educating the youth will require us to go where few have been.

    Samuel Wright Jr.

  • I dream of a digital India where quality education reaches the most inaccessible corners driven by digital learning.

    Shri Narendra Modi

  • It is not about the technology; it’s about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism in schools. These are the key responsibilities of all educational leaders.

    Marion Ginapolis

  • Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.

    Bill Gates

    About Us

    Schoolmojo is the one place to access all teaching tools, post learning content, send student communication & explore educator resources. Communicate with families twice as often in half the time & even get 2X more positive responses.

    Teachers love how easy it is to connect, collaborate and even showcase their work plan & get parents involved. Let's together make this an incredible year at school!

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