About Us

What Is Schoolmojo?

Who are we!

Schoolmojo is a revolutionary Virtual Schooling Enabler, designed for K-12 schools & Coaching centres in India! Our platform is a complete solution that enables you to replicate online, the entire schooling eco-system.

Schools can now offer a fun & interactive learning experience even when the students are at home, by providing all tools, content & assistance on a single platform!

More than anything, we can help you turn things upside down! Schoolmojo offers schools the possibility to offer ‘flipped classrooms’ that are perfect for lockdown times and very valuable to provide a great blended learning experience.


Why Schoolmojo?

Why another name in a crowded market!

The core purpose of Schoolmojo is to enhance teaching – learning process & improve teacher-parent interaction, in an efficient and secured manner,whether schools are run offline or online. Teaching may never be the same again with mass adaptations to technology based learning.
Whether you teach online, record lectures or teach in-class, Schoolmojo has you covered.
Schoolmojo makes Online Teaching 100% more effective in less than 6 weeks without needing teachers to be tech-savvy.

Our Guiding Belief

Why we do, what we do

Everything we do, we believe in changing the status quo.The way we are attempting to empower the schooling system is by making our solutions beautifully designed, simple to use & user-friendly.

We believe in reviving the old school charm of revering teachers & the learning process. We believe in making schools great again!

At the heart of any solution we build lies our zeal to improve our users’ lives, to save their time, to help communicate efficiently and put them back in control.


Flipped Classrooms efficiently cut down the distance between students and teachers, when #socialdistancing matters &fills in the gaps arising out of teaching over live video meetings.

Free Live Video Meeting Platform v/s Schoolmojo Platform

Description Free Live Video Meeting Platform Schoolmojo Platform
Live Video
Live Video Without Links, PIN, User Id, Password
Live Video Recording
e-Textbooks & Worksheets
Topic-wise Animated Videos
Pause, Rewind or Replay a Class Lecture
Flipped Classroom
24X7 Access (Videos & Content)
Controlling Student Access to Material
Messaging Platform for Group Chat & Broadcast
Assessments (Conduct Online Exams)
Parent Feedback & Polls


How can we help you?

  • Be your kids’ true super-hero. Enhance their learning journey with your active participation.
  • Help teachers help you to track & contribute to the learning curve of your child. Enroll yourself to provide necessary support.
  • Children can learn both ‘Live’ or ‘later’ with the help of byte sized video lectures under your supervision at your convenience.
  • Stay updated, relaxed & satisfied about continuation of their kids’ schooling without the risk of any health hazards.
  • Get all subjects’ content and help at one place that facilitates their learning.
  • Even after school’s re-opening in a normal environment (post Covid19) you can continue to learn complex concepts via videos and practice concept building material on Schoolmojo platform to make yourself smarter in school. The need for extra-tuitions can be eliminated altogether.
  • Students can work on concept building material and revise concepts after each chapter.
  • Continue to learn from their own school teacher whether in-school or remotely (present in-class or connected from home) using our platform! (30% attendance won’t mean missing any class!).
  • Educators get all tools at one place to facilitate your core work, i.e. teaching kids & supporting parents from the comfort & safety of your home.
  • You can make your own content, including smart PPTs explained in your own voice to actually teach students, without having to be on a live video (not-in-real-time/asynchronous teaching).
  • Students can learn both ‘Live’ or ‘later’ in your absence under the supervision of parents.
  • You can message parents about student progress or schedule of classes using the mobile app (don’t have to open computer for everything).
  • You can also upload test papers that can be used to conduct assessments online, receive uploaded answer papers & share grades online.
  • The platform & content gets more exciting & relevant after school’s re-opening, Schoolmojo shall continue to save your efforts & precious class-time, in school hours.
  • Schools can continue schooling online with their own students in spite of physical closure of the school campus.
  • Even after reopening, you can further enhance the teaching-learning quality by use of asynchronous learning, where each child learns at his/her own pace.
  • Schools can achieve standardized curriculum delivery using well thought PPTs for each chapter.
  • School leader (Principal) gets all relevant information on the finger tips, via our mobile app.
  • Number of teachers, number of students online in every section, the schedule of Live classes, topics being taught, performance of students are all available for the school leader to support staff as required.
  • You can post your staff vacancies on the app to receive suitable applications right on your mobile.
  • One of the most loved feature is the feedback score from parents, collected anonymously at regular intervals to ascertain parents’ satisfaction, get valuable suggestions and compare scores over time to stay ahead of the curve & grow parent loyalty.
Schoolmojo is for K12 Schools!
  • Empower school teachers to become unstoppable at teaching online
  • Communicate seamlessly to enhance Parent Engagement
  • Enable students to learn efficiently inlessscreen time
  • Increase the joy & satisfaction of parents
  • Optimize the teaching-learning process
  • Help Principal stay on top of their work

About Us

Schoolmojo is the one place to access all teaching tools, post learning content, send student communication & explore educator resources. Communicate with families twice as often in half the time & even get 2X more positive responses.

Teachers love how easy it is to connect, collaborate and even showcase their work plan & get parents involved. Let's together make this an incredible year at school!

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