Internet Safety

What is Cyber Safety

Cyber safety, also known as online safety or internet safety, is a wide-ranging topic about risks associated with the Internet. It might include, for example, cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate material, online predators, release of private information and computer crime.

Why Cyber Safety Matters

The Internet is a powerful and wonderful resource, used by both children and adults, that has changed the way we live on a global scale. While risks associated with using the internet are manageable, it is important to educate yourself on what those risks are and what you can do to mitigate those risks. Specifically, by reading this section of our website on Cyber safety, you’ll be helping us to make Schoolmojo a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Schoolmojo’s Commitment to Cyber Safety

Schoolmojo is a tool for childcare and early learning programs, as well as parents, to record and share children’s activities & learning updates. As a result, we take the safety, security and privacy of all information very seriously. We are committed to having the latest security systems in place to protect this information, as well as policies that respect the privacy of all our users.

Website security

All information on Schoolmojo is stored behind an encrypted password, both for our childcare and early learning programs, as well as parents. Only those with authorization can access Schoolmojo. The Application also has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser or device. This link ensures that all data passed between the Schoolmojo server and your browser or device remains private. SSL is an industry standard for securing online transactions so is used by online banking and payments sites and, similarly, is used by Schoolmojo to encrypt data transfers containing children’s information.

Server security

Information on Schoolmojo is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. It is one of the most secure cloud computing environments available with highly secure data centers utilizing state-of the art electronic surveillance and access control systems, including 24×7 trained security guard protection. It is suited to run sensitive government applications and is used by over 300 U.S. government agencies, many large enterprises & midsized business organizations worldwide including the NASA.

Database security

Schoolmojo’s database complies with the most stringent security requirements. As part of our first-rate services, all data is stored encryption-at-rest. Data at rest refers to inactive data stored physically in any digital form, for example, information on your laptop is considered data at rest. Encrypting data at rest means that in the exceedingly unlikely event of a physical breach of underlying infrastructure, your data would remain safe and secure.

Access to information

Access to a child’s information through Schoolmojo is provided only to the child’s primary guardians by their childcare or early learning program. Once primary guardians have access to Schoolmojo, it is at their sole discretion to share their child’s information with other family and relatives if they choose to do so. This access can also be revoked at any time at the discretion of the primary guardians.

Privacy of information

Schoolmojo does not own any personal information about your child that is stored on our server, including any photos or videos. Schoolmojo has no license to use any of your content covered by intellectual property rights, including photos and videos. Personal information on Schoolmojo is never shared with any third party as per our Privacy Policy. It will never be used for marketing or advertising purposes without express written consent.

Guide for Parents using Schoolmojo

While Schoolmojo is a secure system, people without appropriate Internet safety knowledge can make it less secure. As a parent or family member invited to use Schoolmojo it is important that you understand the basics about keeping information safe and private on Schoolmojo.

Setting up your account

To prevent unauthorized access to your Schoolmojo account, we have linked it directly to your mobile number and can be accessed through an OTP received on your phone, the way banking transactions work. To save you from the complexities of creating and saving ‘one-more’ password, an OTP is both easy & effective. You need to be sure that you don’t share the OTP received to access your account with anybody else. Further, as an added safety-measure, we ensure that your account cannot be accessed on two devices at the same time.

Sharing within Schoolmojo

Schoolmojo allows you to share your child’s activities with close family, relatives and friends, also known as your child’s Guardian. It is a great way to keep them in the loop on your child’s special moments and memories. You should never invite someone you do not know and trust into your child’s Guardian as it is intended only for close family and friends.

Setting sharing permissions

Schoolmojo intends to add various permissions in place for each person invited to share in a child’s activities. These permissions shall help maintain the right balance of information sharing. To begin with, we allow two Owner accounts per child. An Owner on a child’s account allows for full access including communicating with the Childcare staff, so should be reserved for primary guardians. Other levels of access shall be provided for in due course.

Sharing outside Schoolmojo

Schoolmojo provides parents with the ability to share their child’s photos on social media. It is recommended that you share photos that may showcase activities through a closed, private and secure network of family, relatives and friends. When it comes to your own children it is your choice what to share outside of Schoolmojo. However, please keep in mind that young children cannot make their own decisions about what is published about them online through more open social networks. As a primary guardian you are responsible for making these decisions in your child’s best interest.

Inappropriate content

We have a zero-tolerance policy for any objectionable material posted on Schoolmojo. If someone has posted content to your child’s account that you feel is inappropriate in any way, please report this immediately using our Feedback section on App’s menu or by contacting us.

Suspicious activity

Schoolmojo will never request your OTP via SMS, email or on a call, in any circumstance. If you think someone is acting suspiciously, or requesting information you feel uncomfortable sharing, please report them immediately.

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