Features Of Schoolmojo

Drop the complex Zooom links, whats-not-app, limited space Drives and clunky ERP software for managing your school & teaching online. Schoolmojo lets you manage everything about e-Teaching & school at a single place.

‘Always On’ Live Video Facility!

Get Live Video Access 24×7 on a single click, saving you the time & complexity of generating links, PINs, user ids & passwords. Schedule a live class & get going; it’s that simple! Students can change video quality when facing bad connectivity, so they never miss out the class.

Tools For Teachers To Create Own Content

Tools for teachers to create their own content, whether they’re camera shy or simply need to use PPTs for lectures. Whether you teach online, record lectures or teach in-class, Schoolmojo has you covered. We make it super-convenient to create content in your own voice! Make once, use repeatedly.

Teaching Without Boundaries

Time to add Keyboard to your Whiteboard! Teachers can simultaneously teach students in-class and remotely (attending from home) using our platform! 30% attendance won’t mean teaching three times! Students on leave can attend an important session online from anywhere.

Flipped Classroom (What’s this?)

Share simplified video lectures & supporting material on a topic before the class. Students watch & prepare questions for the class. The Live Video Class can then be used to go deeper to give rich learning & answer student questions. A great way to bridge the gap between A+ & C graders.

Video Library For Teachers & Students

A free digital library for teachers & students to find topic-wise curated videos to enhance the teaching-learning process. Further, teachers can curate their own YouTube links and add in the course content to share with their class. Students learn best by animated videos and we offer these curated links for free!

Learning Without Limitations

Switching from Blackboard to Keyboard made super-easy! Schoolmojo helps students watch & learn from their own school teachers, via recorded lectures. Ability to Pause, Rewind or Replay a video lecture helps each student learn at his/her own pace. Moreover, students can revise chapter-wise lectures at any time during the entire year! Wow, isn’t it!

No Student Left Behind

Request your teacher for a recording, if you’re going to miss a session. No more worries about missed classes or bad internet connectivity at home. Now, parents can facilitate their kids’ learning by supervising their studies at a time of their convenience! No more conflict between siblings for using the single computer at home! Hurray!

Private, Secure & Powerful Messaging

Remote learning works effectively when teachers & parents work together. Parent communication is the biggest differentiator to getting them enrolled in the vital process of enhancing students’ learning journey. Our messaging platform helps stakeholders stay connected with ease, like never before.

Worldclass Feedback Mechanism

Feedback rating with suggestions from parents is a goldmine for the school to improve parent satisfaction & loyalty. Parents are the best resource for any school to get pin-pointed insights & to improve its offerings. The entire process is anonymous end-to-end, so transparency & truthfulness can prevail. Experience a new high of simplicity & effectiveness!

About Us

Schoolmojo is the one place to access all teaching tools, post learning content, send student communication & explore educator resources. Communicate with families twice as often in half the time & even get 2X more positive responses.

Teachers love how easy it is to connect, collaborate and even showcase their work plan & get parents involved. Let's together make this an incredible year at school!

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