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The Power Of A Flipped Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a ‘flipped classroom’?

In a Flipped Classroom, students have access to the teacher’s lectures ahead of time, along with all the background material that they need. This frees up face to face time, and lets students seek clarification from teachers, collaborate with other students, and practice application of concepts.

A flipped class inverts the typical cycle of content acquisition and application so that:

  • Students can gain necessary knowledge of the topic before the class
  • Teachers can guide students to actively and interactively clarify and apply that knowledge during class
Q. Why should I care about Flipped Classrooms?
  1. Need of the hour
    The new realities arising out of Covid19 & social-distancing necessitate students stay home or attend school in turns (30% class size). Flipping the classroom is a perfect model to continue schooling by transforming the teaching-learning practice.
  2. Flipping speaks the language of today’s students
    • Let’s face it! Today’s students are growing up with Internet access and digital resources. It’s wiser to regulate this habit to work in their favour, instead of suppressing it in school context and giving access otherwise.
    • Worldwide, after about two weeks of watching the videos, students had settled into learning. To them, all we are doing is speaking their language.
  3. Prepares students for the future
    Students have to invariably use technology and gadgets to cope up with the learning needs post schooling and to excel in jobs. Inverting the model prepares them to become self-dependent and take responsibility of learning over time, in a loving atmosphere under the eye of caring teachers.
  4. Role of the teachers
    Teachers can’t plan to replicate classroom learning ‘as is’ over live video & expect children to sit most day for live video sessions. Flipping the teaching model although radical allows them to take on a different role with students.
  5. Gives flexibility and is good for the eyes
    Students get flexibility to take classes at their parent’s convenience & guidance. This much needed distribution of screen time gives adequate rest to their eyes.
Q. Has someone tried this model?

Teachers from around the world have adopted the model and are using it to teach classes in all curriculum areas to elementary, middle, and high school students as well as adults. Across the surveys, the uniform pattern seen is rise in interest levels of students that has reflected in higher grades & increased satisfaction among all stakeholders.

Click below to know more about various survey findings.

Q. Elaborate on the Advantages of Flipped Classes for enhancement of learning

Flipping classes has become a time saving and efficient method of learning. Here are some of the reasons why instructors are beginning to introduce flipped classrooms today:

  1. Students learn more effectively
  2. Students become active learning participants, instead of passive recipient
  3. Interaction increases and students learn from one another
  4. Teachers and students get more feedback
  5. Flipping speaks the language of today’s students
Q. Are there any possible disadvantages of a Flipped Class model?
  • The technology required (computers, internet, etc.) may not be accessible to many individuals
  • Flipped classrooms that utilize videos to deliver instruction can suffer technical challenges/ difficulties
  • May lead to increase in the time spent by students on computer screens
  • The additional time spent by students at home preparing for topics is usually debated, whenparents don’t realize that their kids are replacing homework with proactive learning&wouldn’t require tuitions anymore!
Q. How can Schoolmojo help?

Schoolmojo provides the teachers, all tools at one place that are required to conduct classes online for both regular schooling and flipped classroom model.

Recording videos with Schoolmojo is an excellent way to have students watch instructional videos prior to coming in to attend the Live Video Meeting Class, so that your time can be used for more collaborative learning. For eg., this means that you can use Live Video time to explore subjects & topics in a deeper manner and your students would have the opportunity to ask better & pointed questions, since they will already have context from having learnt from your videos at home. Moreover, you can always use video material as many times as you like and it can be a huge time saver for you.

So, go ahead and start recording your videos for your class!

Q. What happens when schools re-open?

Teachers can continue with teaching in their classrooms as they did earlier. The time in classrooms will be a replacement of live video time and can be used for going deeper into a topic to have rich learning & raise the quality of learning!

Also, you would have students habituated to learn a part of the lesson by themselves and thus spend time more efficiently in clearing doubts and you could focus on kids who need more attention.

Thus, as teachers, you can continue to share your recorded video lessons next year for the fresh batch. You would share video resources and PPTs for kids to learn the straightforward lessons (while you handle difficult topics in detail in classroom) and also share practice tests and FAQs for strengthening concepts, outside the classroom.

The precious & limited time in school can continued to be used on concept building and clearing mental hurdles. To a large extent, this can eradicate the need for home tuitions too.

Q. What if my school doesn’t like the Flipped Classroom model?

The model is suggested to be implemented in a gradual manner. However, if your school intends to continue in the traditional method of instructing online, the Schoolmojo platform helps you do that very efficiently. You can create your own presentations and content videos. You can use the same content during in-school class using our platform. You can also share material after delivering your lessons in class.

Q. How can a Teacher design the Flow of a Flipped Classrooms Work?

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