What’s your schools’s need..

Fast & easy communication?,Implement hybrid learning?,Engage parents better?,Fighting digital distractions?,Access great content?,Encourage student collaboration?,Schooling for Gen Z?

Go digital with one app for all your communication, hybrid-learning and content-access needs.

No Student Left Behind in Virtual learning

Open Possibilities

Your School’s Digital Avatar

Step away from weapons of mass distraction! Redeem the sanctity of your school.

The Focus on ‘Connections’

Bind the school communities together, with one place for teachers and families to connect, communicate, and share teaching-learning experiences

Manage Learning Digitally

Teachers can share their notes & presentations, teaching videos, learning resources, assignments, tests & what not, all on one platform & track every student’s learning curve

Single Window to Knowledge Partners

Schools can optionally subscribe to free & paid content from diverse knowledge partners, carefully curated by us and made available on a single window

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