How do I get started with our journey on Schoolmojo?

A School Admin needs to create the school’s entity on the Software platform in the following simple steps. It should take you about 5 minutes to do so.
1. Download app

a. Go to Google Playstore on your Android Mobile (Will be available on iOS in Dec’20)

b. Type Schoolmojo (as a single word)

c. Click on Install on seeing the following Schoolmojo app

2. Sign-up the School Administrator’s (Correspondent/Principal) Phone Number as the Admin (Creator & Controller of App)

a. Open the app
b. Click on the ‘SIGN-UP’ button

c. Choose your role as ‘School Admin’

d. Enter School Admin’s Mobile Number (will need OTP received on mobile’s SMS)

e. Click on ‘SIGN-UP’ & Enter the OTP and click ‘CONFIRM’

3. Create Your School’s entity on Schoolmojo platform

a. Enter the details required to create your school
i. Name, Phone (already entered), Address, School Email, Curriculum (CBSE, ICSE, IB, SSC-TS, Others), School Logo, School Type (Preschool, K-12, Others)

ii. Be extremely careful in entering the Curriculum correctly, as the Subject names, Chapter & Topic names in the LMS will be populated accordingly.
b. After entering all details, please check & verify its accuracy; you won’t be able to change some of these later.
c. Click on ‘CREATE SCHOOL’ button on the bottom of the page

4. Congrats! Your school is now created. Let’s add the users to bring life to the platform! User details like Teachers, Students, Subjects, Chapter Names (called Libraries) etc need to be uploaded using the LMS platform. We highly recommend that you use a Laptop or Desktop to complete this exercise in an easy & pleasant experience.

How to access the LMS platform?

You will need to access the LMS platform ONLY after the School’s Admin has created the school using the Schoolmojo Mobile App. Thereafter, please follow the below steps;

a. Please note the Login Credentials before you attempt to login to the LMS. You can do so by:

i. Your LMS Login ID and Password is always stored and available in your ‘Profile’. Pls click on the Menu icon or simply do a swipe from the left end of the screen (from left to right) to open the Menu Bar.

ii. On top left, you can see the profile pic – Click on it to open your ‘Profile’ and update it. Your LMS User ID & Password will be displayed here (very handy if you forget it any point)

iii. Pls write it down. You will need this until you have saved your LMS login credentials on your personal computer and mobile browser, after which you can access without having to remember the details.

b. There is a green button on the Menu bar called “OPEN LMS”. Click on it to open it on your mobile’s browser window. However, we recommend the School Admin to access LMS on your personal computer for User Creation process.

c. Open ‘Google Chrome’ (web browser) on your Computer and visit Pls ensure you’re using the latest version of Chrome, else download it from here:

d. Click on ‘Login’ (bookmark this page for future use)
i. Enter your login details

ii. Alternately, you can simplify the login process by scanning the QR code using your Schoolmojo Mobile App. To do so, simply click on ‘Web Login’ link as below

This opens up a QR code scanner. Pls scan the QR code displayed on the Login page, as below:

e. Your dashboard is going to look as below. Click on the ‘Get Started’ link on your Menu
i. Click on the Menu Icon below to expand the Menu