A Modern learner isn’t just a classroom student; nowadays, it is pretty common to find people of all ages studying something new. It could be a new skill, some new information, or a professional skill to get ahead in the workplace. A modern learner is someone who is living a fast-paced life and is here to learn new things quickly. Our world has changed a lot in the past 20 years; technology has seen some significant advancement in the past few years. The pandemic has changed how we function in our day-to-day lives; we had to change every aspect of our lives in a short period. The lockdown forced the students to study from their homes through the Virtual Classroom Learning. But most modern learners have been using the online medium to study professional degrees, new courses, and learn other skills for quite some time now. The modern learner is eager to learn new things and is hungry for more information. We are swamped in our day-to-day lives and do not have enough time to attend regular traditional classes or courses, so the obvious answer is to switch to online learning platforms. Since we have discussed various factors that drive a modern learner and how the pandemic has made online learning a great solution to the pandemic. It is the right time to discuss some needs of the modern learner.

Needs of The Modern Learner

Timely Learning Content

Most modern learners are working at a full-time job to pay their bills, and all of us have faced problems managing our interests, studies, and work. We also spend a lot of time on our phones, reading emails or surfing through social media. It has been reported that most people get less than 20 minutes to study and learn in a week; the added work pressure and hard-to-manage schedules have made us a part of the rat race that we did not wish to be part of. A modern learner is looking for a learning platform that offers those learning courses and degrees at their time. Modern learners are eager to study new things but just can’t fit into rigid time constraints that come with traditional classrooms. Hence, the rise of learning platforms that offer flexible learning hours and timings is a blessing in disguise. Flexible timings for lectures and well-paced lectures are the most critical need of the modern learner.

Want To Learn Anytime, Anywhere

It has also been found that people often study and learn at their point of need and free time. And most of us have to travel a lot to get to the workplace or our college. Mobile learning has made learning while commuting an easy job. Although, the doctors do not recommend reading while commuting puts a lot of strain on our eyes. But still, almost all of us use that extra time to read up as much information as we can. Most of us also use the lunch breaks and tea breaks to attend lectures or watch online learning videos. We try to use every minute of our day to do something productive. Modern learners have a never-give-up attitude and want to study anytime, anywhere. Hence, the need for online learning platforms that can be used anytime and anywhere is a must for every modern learner.

Value Quality Over Quantity

Time management is an integral part of our lives, and we often try to use up every minute of the day to do something that makes us happy or is productive. Hence, all modern learners prefer quality to quantity. They would instead study and attend a few online lectures that last a few hours but are filled with good content and information than study for several hours a day and get nothing out of it. They prefer the value it adds to their day and not the hours it takes off their day. So, the need for quality online courses is a must for all modern learners.

Ease Of Use

Although most of us know the various ways we can use the online medium to study new things, the same can’t be said for everybody. Computer literacy is a serious issue that dwells among us, and not everyone can be expected to be great at using computers or using websites that do not co-operate. Hence, most modern learners want an online learning platform that is easy to use and does not crash every other day. Server and other technical issues can seriously affect the mindset of the learner.


The needs that I mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg as deep as the ocean itself. But, these are some needs that every modern learner looks for in an online learning platform. The modern learner may be busy and overwhelmed by work but is motivated to learn new stuff. They are looking for good content and courses that can help them get ahead in their personal and professional lives. All the online learning platforms currently available in the market must change their service models to suit the needs of the learners. These platforms must support these learners, as it empowers them to get better and gives them more opportunities. One such platform that has been there every step to help modern learners everywhere is Schoolmojo. It is a Virtual Schooling Enabler that makes proactive schools three times more effective than any other platform currently in the market. Schoolmojo is one of those platforms that have made teaching an easy job for all teachers. It has various systems in place to make online classrooms fun and worthwhile experience. It has regular server check-ups to keep the servers up-to-date and is one of the most easy-to-use platforms. It also helps the teachers actively communicate with their students, which makes the learners much more than listeners to a regular podcast that you would listen to while commuting. These features help fulfil many of the needs of the learners.