It was in mid-August when I came across two different mindsets in the same family. I was visiting one of my distant relatives during our festivals at their restaurant. While we were enjoying the eatery’s special samosa and chutney, there was this strange conversation, rather an argument happening between my aunt and her daughter about why one should be educated in life. It was astonishing to see such diverse viewpoints coming forward in that debate. Just when the discussion was at its peak, a man who appeared to be in his mid-thirties stood at the restaurant’s door asking for food. He was suffering from malnutrition, and his shirt was hardly a simple piece of cloth anymore! His hair was oily, and his hands were dirty. Seeing him, my aunt passed a sharp comment, “And that is why we need education. If you don’t get educated, you will end up like him with no job, food, and place to live!” Her daughter, aka my cousin, got up from her seat, holding a plate of samosa, and handed it over to the man saying, “Yes! Education is important because if we don’t get educated, we won’t be able to create a better life for the ones who did not get educated!”

We have always identified education as the ability to read and write. In reality, education is a seed that helps a person grow overall. Irrespective of gender, caste, creed, and lifestyle, every individual must get educated to live their life for themselves and society at large. Education is beyond any geographical boundaries, language, curriculum, and method of imparting. Whether you get educated in an English medium school or Hindi medium or in vernacular language, whether one is home-schooled or sent to a formal school – acquiring knowledge & skills & attitudes is the foremost important thing. Earlier, education was imparted through physical classes and school. After the advancements in technology and the Covid – 19 pandemic, imparting education is now online. Whether you learn through live classes available on the internet or use e-learning resources, every child must get educated. But why do people emphasize education? Why is it essential for every child to get educated?

Stairway to a better lifestyle
Being literate gets you a degree to flaunt in society, but being educated brings you the lifestyle and value you must get in a community. Every child getting educated understands the importance of being independent financially and stands on their own feet. Education inculcates a sense of responsibility in every individual. The sooner you get such a sense of building up your lifestyle, the better will be your livelihood as you grow up. Education teaches a child to dream and set their goals. Without an aim, an individual is equal to a dead man. It identifies the skills and interests of a child and helps the parents understand the career their child might want to proceed in. For example, a child may be good at painting, and he recognizes his talent via various online and offline competitions that he participates in. Such opportunities can be availed by the child and choose where they want to head off in the future. Education creates a goal in every child since their earlier days and makes them responsible citizens as they grow up.

Shaping their personality
Each child is different and is born with unique qualities. Unfortunately, some qualities such as confidence and leadership that the world requires from every individual if they want to survive in the rat race awaiting them. Education is not just physical but also mental. It helps to boost such qualities and make the child face the world and the competition existing outside. There are various online learning platforms to help children to develop their personalities. Children can participate in such virtual learning environments and get in touch with their other acquaintances. Such mental education helps children expand their circle and become more and more confident.

Making them aware of their community
If we want our children to know about their community, we must teach them about our culture from the very beginning. Education makes the children aware of their society and its different elements. It teaches them about the other religions prevailing around them and the concept of how there is unity in such a diverse environment. If a child gets educated, he understands and respects the different cultures around him. Respecting every spiritual belief makes a person a responsible citizen. An ideal citizen must appreciate Ram as much as he respects Allah or Nanak and vice versa. Such a sense of belongingness cannot be taught in an adult. It can only be done when he is a child. Childhood is the best stage to bring compassion and acceptance in their lives to grow up into ideal human beings.

Shattering the patriarchal beliefs of society
Children are the future of the nation and educating a child means making a country brighter. With the growth in the curriculum, education no longer focuses on academic matters and simple subjects. Several online teaching platforms impart knowledge about equality between individuals. For example, if a child knows about the discrimination happening with their mothers or sisters, they will also understand the necessary steps they can take as children as we grow up to put an end to this. Knowing about gender discrimination and inequality prevailing in society is essential for children to shatter the stereotypical mentality and create an inclusive environment for themselves and their generations succeeding them.

Looking at the bigger picture
Education makes a child look beyond their four walls and do something for society. We are all socially responsible individuals. Everything that we do in our society is because of the contributions of our community to us. Hence, we must understand our responsibility towards society and give back to the community. Education teaches our children how to be socially responsible citizens and look after others, starting from their families to their neighbors and ultimately the community. It is through education that our children understand the value of keeping the environment clean. With the growing digitalization, various virtual learning platforms teach children about the effects of pollution on Earth and, ultimately, their lives. Such knowledge is necessary for them to understand how they can make their little contributions to society. A child knowing about the ill effects of pollution will never throw garbage on the streets. Such is the impact that education can create on our young brains!

Hence, be it in any city, town, or country, every child must get educated. Hope this article helps you understand the importance of education.

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